Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Make Me Laugh

A/N: This was written for A Very Potter Challenge, and it should most definitely not be taken seriously.  I was given a quote from AVPM (which is in bold) and had to incorporate it into the story.  Enjoy!

Don't Make Me Laugh

Ron wandered into the bathroom to find it completely empty. He found that weird since classes had just been dismissed. This was usually the busiest time for going to the bathroom. All of the kids who had teachers that didn't believe in bathroom breaks usually had to empty their bladders right about now.

He heard lots of commotion out in the hall, but no one entered the restroom. Ron shrugged to himself as he made his way over the the nearest urinal in the otherwise deserted bathroom.

He was almost finished when he caught sight of Harry entering the bathroom. Harry had just spotted Ron when he tripped over his robes. Unable to catch himself, Harry fell straight to the ground.

Ron immediately burst into laughter. “Don't make me laugh! I'm pissing!” he exclaimed.

Harry's face began to turn a little pink as he stood up, rearranged his robes, and walked over to another urinal, as if nothing had even happened.

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