Want to learn about the inspiration, writing process, and other background information about my stories?  Read on.

Avatar: The Next Generation: This is the first finished story I have here on I started writing this when I was 14, and I didn't finish it until I was 17. At the beginning of the story, there were periods of six months between me posting chapters. However, this was the first story that I never lost my determination to finish writing it. At the beginning, all I knew was that I was going to have Azula break out of jail, which wasn't a new idea for me (see the above paragraph). I think it was around chapter five (which was at least a year into writing the story) I finally sat down and created an outline. After that, I had a better idea of where the story was going to go, but it took a little bit longer for me to start updating semi-regularly. The story has 24 chapters, and I'd say that the majority of these chapters were posted in the last year of the time I was writing this story.

I'm really proud of A:TNG because it's the first chaptered story I ever finished. That's not to say there aren't things I would go back and change. I have a lot of problems with this story, and there are times were I think I rushed things because I was anxious to get a chapter out. I should have spent more time working on this story instead of not writing for months and then quickly writing something down. Overall though, I'm proud of how this story turned out, and I'm really proud of all the characters. They were the first characters I created that were really fleshed out in a story, I think. I really enjoyed writing this story.

A:TNG One-shots and Drabbles: As the title says, this was just a series of one-shots that take place inside of the A:TNG universe. Every single one of these was written while I was sitting in a classroom bored. They're extremely short and completely random. I do really like some of them though. I haven't marked this as complete because I never know when I'll randomly decide to write another one. I do have an idea for another Avatar fanfiction, but it will probably be a while before it's written. In the time in between, I may write another one of these if I ever feel like I want to write something about Avatar. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: This is the first of four stories that I wrote as challenges. I was really
into those for a couple of months, but I stopped after deciding that I needed to focus on A:TNG more. I may start doing them again at some point in the future, but for now I have too many other ideas I want to write. This challenge was to choose a couple and a Christmas song to write a story about. How could I not choose Ron and Hermione as my couple? I love them. As for the song, the original idea was to choose a nice Christmas song that I could use to write a nice fluffy, romantic story. Then, I had this idea of Ron and Hermione having a discussion over how weird Muggle Christmas traditions were, and this idea wouldn't leave me alone. One of the first things I thought of was Rudolph, and I knew I needed to write the story about that. I actually really like this story. My only regret is that I didn't expand on it. I think it could have been a bit longer, but like I said, I was trying to write A:TNG at the same time. Maybe I could make it a two-shot for this Christmas?

An Early Chrismas Present: This was another Christmas challenge I was given. I was given the characters Lysander and Molly and the prompts frozen lake and lost. At first, I had no idea, so I just started writing. That's probably why this is so short. I've got to admit that writing this story made me a bit of a Lysander/Molly shipper regardless of the fact that we really have no idea what either of them are like.

Apologizing to Girls: I love how this story turned out! For this challenge I was given three quotes that needed to be included in the story. I'm a huge Marauder Era fan, so I'd basically decided the story would be about them before I even got the quotes. When I posted this, I was really worried about it. I was extremely nervous that someone would review and say that the characters were OOC even though I'd tried my hardest not to let that happen. I don't know why, but writing these characters seemed intimidating to me. However, it's only recieved good reviews so far, and everyone seems to think everyone's in-character. This made me a bit braver to write a chaptered Marauder Era fic in the future (which will happen).

Don't Make Me Laugh: I don't even know if you can consider this a story. It's extremely short and absolutely pointless. For the challenge, I was given Ron as a character and a quote from AVPM. If it's a quote from AVPM, it's obviously going to be tough to write a serious story with it. Let's just say this "story" takes place with Ron and Harry in a bathroom, Harry falls over, and Ron laughs at him. Yeah, that's about it. The people who reviewed seem to have found it funny though, so I guess it's not too bad.

Life Lessons: This is the story I'm currently posting.  It's a Hunger Games fanfiction that I wrote for the 100 theme challenge.  It only contains the first 30 themes.  I'm doing something else for the other 70 (or multiple other things).  It's essentially just a series of one-shots.  I had a fun time writing it, but there are a couple in the set that I don't like all that much.  I guess it's unavoidable that, when given a set of themes, there are going to be some themes that I jsut can't write.  This story follows Katniss and Peeta's children over three years of their lives as they learn important life lessons (hence the title).

The Future:

As of right now, I'm working on an original story that may or may not be posted online in the future. If it is, it will be on my writing blog and FictionPress account (links above). This is taking up all of my writing time at the moment, so I'm not writing any fanfiction.

I'm currently posting Life Lessons, which is for the first 30 themes in the Hunger Games 100 theme challenge, but at the same time, I'm writing a new story that will cover themes 31-50 of the challenge.  It focuses on the 5th Hunger Games.  I thought that would be exciting because then the older victors would be able to remember the war and everything.  I won't tell you too much about it, but I'm really excited to be working on this.  It's kind of ironic though because I never read these sorts of fanfictions.

I'm also currently writing a One Direction fanfic.  I feel as if I need to defend myself here.  I used to be completely against real person fanfic, and I never ever thought I'd be the type of person to become obsessed with a boyband.  So how did this happen?  It's all my friend's fault.  Towards the end of our senior year she came to school one day ranting on and on about One Direction and Larry Stylinson (don't know what Larry is?  I recommend not Googling it unless you want to be obsessed).  I was curious, so I looked up Larry after school.  I barely knew who One Direction was at the time and could have cared less, but in a matter of days I was obsessed.  Still, I stayed away from the fanfiction for a while.  It was hard though when all of the other fans were reading and writing it, and I'm used to reading fanfiction about things I'm obsessed with anyway.  Eventually, I caved and read it.  Still, I told myself I would never write any, especially since I had to many other ideas to write about other things.  Obviously, I broke that.  It's a slippery slope.  Needless to say, I'm currently writing a Larry Stylinson fanfiction called Tintagel Castle.  There's no where to post this on of course, but it will be up here once it's finished.  I've also created a separate Tumblr to post One Direction fanfiction, since that's where the majority of Larry shippers are, and I figured it would be easier to spread it that way.

After that I have ideas for Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Avatar fanfiction that are just waiting to be turned into stories. So, even if I don't post anything for a while, I haven't given up on fanfiction. I'll be back in the future.