These are the stories that I am currently writing.  You can read what is currently posted of them by typing in the title of the story in the search bar at the top of the page.

Currently being posted

The Fourth Hunger Games
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: action/adventure/dystopian
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 20
Summary: This is the story of the fourth annual Hunger Games.
(Written from November 2012 to present)

Not yet posted:

The Society (working series title)
Type: original fiction
Genre: Young Adult, urban fantasy, magical realism
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: unknown
Summary: Ledia is being groomed to become the national head of The Society of Magical Beings. A job that is looking more and more difficult as a certain witch begins to use his power to suppress the lower magical beings.
(Written from January 2013 to present)
(currently working on second of the series)

Note: All of the stories listed here are also posted either on,, and/or under the username hmweasley.  If you see them anywhere else, please let me know.