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A:TNG Chapter 21: Be Careful

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Avatar: The Next Generation

Chapter 21: Be Careful

Zuko glared as he met his father's eyes. Ozai was about twenty feet away and seemed to have been just waiting for his son to make an appearance. Zuko didn't pay his wife and friends any attention as he made his way towards his father. In the same manner, Ozai didn't seem to notice Azula smirking at Zuko behind him. The two men's eyes never left the other's glare.

Aang followed closely behind Zuko. It wasn't that he doubted his friend's ability, but no one could take on both Azula and Zuko at the same time.

There was a tense moment as the four of them just stood facing each other. They were poised to strike at any moment, but none seemed to want to make the first move.

Then, Azula, always eager for an opportunity to fight Zuko, struck first. She sent a blast of fire straight toward Zuko. Zuko noticed it just second before it would make contact with him. I bent his own shield of fire to stop Azula's from touching him.

This seemed to set the ball rolling. Suddenly, Aang shot a blast of air at Ozai and Azula. The air pushed them both back from Zuko and Aang about twenty feet. This gave Aang enough time to glance at Zuko quickly at make sure he wasn't injured before Ozai and Azula could strike again.

Azula recovered quickly and was soon shooting fire and Aang and Zuko again. As the battle waged on, Azula seemed to be holding her own against Zuko and Aang, who wasn't using the Avatar state.

Ozai hung back. Even with his fire bending gone and having spent many years in prison, he was still very agile. He wasn't attacking anyone, but he was easily able to avoid any attack that came his way. Aang found it odd that Ozai was out in the open instead of hidden away somewhere safe. Unless Ozai had some way of fighting that he just hadn't shown yet. With this in mind, Aang fought his way past Azula towards the past Fire Lord.


Mai ducked as a sword was swung at her. As soon as it was gone, she threw a shuriken straight towards the rebel carrying it. He soon found himself stuck to the ground. As he hurriedly tried to free his clothes from the weapon, Mai set her sights on a different target.


As soon as he spotted the rebel running towards him, Sokka reared his sword back. He brought it down as the person came into range. His sword clanked against the man's helmet. Sokka knew the man wasn't dead, but he appeared to be unconscious. Sokka did a quick scan of the area, and saw Toph fighting a large group of people. He threw his boomerang that way and watched it slice the arm of one of the rebels. He ran forward to catch his boomerang as it returned to him.


Toph grinned to herself as she felt one rebel collapse after something hit him in the head. She could only assume it was Sokka's boomerang. Her suspicions were confirmed when she felt him catch the object as it soared back to him. Toph brought up a block of earth directly in a group of rebel's path. They didn't have much time to react and ended up slamming right into the wall. Then, she brought up a block of earth and sent it flying towards another group of rebels. She smiled as she thought about how much she'd missed this.


Haru quickly pivoted as the rebel attempted to pierce him with a spear. He earth bended a large rock towards the rebel from behind. The rebel had no clue what was coming towards him until he'd been knocked unconscious.


Ty Lee was running from three rebels when she spotted a column holding up the awning of a nearby store. She grabbed it and used it to swing herself around and back towards the men. She knocked them right off their feet. Ty Lee let go and angled herself so that she landed on her feet. She quickly blocked the rebel's chakra before they were able to move. She smiled to herself before getting ready for the other group of rebels coming towards her.


Kaimu slashed his knife through the air, but was unsuccessful in hitting his mark. The rebel had jumped out of range seconds before the knife would have sliced his skin open. Swearing in frustration, Kaimu ran after the rebel as fast as his feet would take him. His knife connected with nothing but air a few times until it finally found flesh. The rebel's neck poured blood as he collapsed to the ground.


Katara whirled around with the water creating a circle around her as she moved. She made it into a whip and struck the nearest rebel who went flying backwards from the pressure. She continued to move the water whip out as she spun and succeeded in hitting multiple rebels. After completing a full circle, she ran towards another group of rebels ahead of her.


Suki twirled her fans around as she ran through the group of rebels. She spun and kicked, knocking three of them out almost at once. She continued through the group. More and More kept coming. It seemed almost never ending.


“Well, that didn't work,” Ai said matter of factly as Ikuo sank to the floor with his back against the door.

Ikuo had spent the last fifteen minutes attempting to metal bend the door unsuccessfully. He had managed to make a small dent in it but nothing major. He apparently needed to work on his metal bending skills.

“What are we going to do now?” Ayame sighed as she flopped onto her back.

“There's nothing we can do,” Ai said, “We're just going to have to wait here.”

Ichiko let out a loud, frustrated groan, “I hate this! I want to be out there!”

Hajime laid his hand on her shoulder, “We all do, but there's no way to get out of here.”

“There has to be,” Ikuo was looking around as if an escape would suddenly present itself, “We just need to think harder.”

Saki rolled her eyes at the older children. “Isn't it obvious,” she scoffed. Everyone turned to look at her in confusion. She raised her hand to point towards an air vent high on the wall. “Honestly, do any of you read. Everyone escapes through air vents.”

They all looked at each other. Finally, Ichiko spoke in disbelief, “How did a five year old think of that when we didn't?”

“So, we'll go through the air vents then,” Ai stood up.

“I'm coming,” Saki said with excitement in her voice.

“Absolutely not!” Kazuna yelled at her little sister.

“But I'm the one who thought of the air vents!” Saki whined in the beginnings of a temper tantrum.

“You're only five,” exclaimed Kazuna.

“You're only fourteen!”

“Saki,” Ai began, “I agree with Kazuna. You need to stay here for now. You don't know enough bending to help. It wouldn't take long for you to get hurt.”

Saki crossed her arms in anger and frustration as she plopped down on the floor and began to pout. The other young children began to speak up as well. They also wanted to go.

“I'm sorry, you guys,” Ai addressed the group, “But none of you are going. The six of us,” here she motioned towards Ichiko, Ikuo, Hajime, Kazuna, and Ayame, “are the only ones that stand any chance out there, and honestly, we don't even stand much of a chance.”

The others began to quiet down. For a moment there was just silence. Then, Akiyoshi jumped up and ran to hug his sister. “Be careful,” he whispered.

“I will be,” she whispered back.

Soon, all of the siblings were in group hugs. Ichiko and Ikuo, who were in a rare moment of showing they actually cared for each other, even pulled Ayame into their hug, not wanting her to feel left out. After a few minutes, everyone began to break apart, and the six oldest began lifting themselves up into the air vent.

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Don't Make Me Laugh

A/N: This was written for A Very Potter Challenge, and it should most definitely not be taken seriously.  I was given a quote from AVPM (which is in bold) and had to incorporate it into the story.  Enjoy!

Don't Make Me Laugh

Ron wandered into the bathroom to find it completely empty. He found that weird since classes had just been dismissed. This was usually the busiest time for going to the bathroom. All of the kids who had teachers that didn't believe in bathroom breaks usually had to empty their bladders right about now.

He heard lots of commotion out in the hall, but no one entered the restroom. Ron shrugged to himself as he made his way over the the nearest urinal in the otherwise deserted bathroom.

He was almost finished when he caught sight of Harry entering the bathroom. Harry had just spotted Ron when he tripped over his robes. Unable to catch himself, Harry fell straight to the ground.

Ron immediately burst into laughter. “Don't make me laugh! I'm pissing!” he exclaimed.

Harry's face began to turn a little pink as he stood up, rearranged his robes, and walked over to another urinal, as if nothing had even happened.

An A:TNG One-shot: First Day

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An Avatar: The Next Generation One-shot

First Day
"What if nobody likes me?"

"Of course people will like you, Kuuya," Katara told her son as she helped him get ready for his first day of school.

"I mean for a reason other than the fact that my dad's the Avatar."

Katara sternly looked her son in the eye. "That's not what I meant. They'll like you for you."

Kuuya was attending school with Kazuna at the Southern Water Tribe where the family lived during part of the year.

"Besides," Katara continued, "You already have some friends who will be in your class."

"What if they don't want to be seen with me at school?"

Katara smiled down at him. "That won't happen. I promise."

"Kuuya," Kazuna yelled from the other room, "Hurry up, or we're gonna be late!"

"Kazuna seems excited," Katara said after glancing toward the door that her daughter's voice had come through.

"Of course she is," Kuuya muttered while staring at the floor, "She's been to school before and has friends there."

Katara kissed the top of his head. "It'll all be fine."

They started walking towards the front room to find Kazuna standing halfway out the front door impatiently waiting for her brother.

"Finally!" she exclaimed upon seeing them.

"Are you turning into Ichiko?" Kuuya asked his sister with a worried look on his face.

"No," Kazuna rolled her eyes, "I want to go to school and see my friends."

Katara, now carrying Saki the youngest of the kids, said, "Calm down Kazuna. You'll have time."

Kazuna didn't pay any attention to her mother. She ran over, grabbed her brother's hand, and began dragging him out of the door. Both children yelled goodbye to Katara on their way out.

"I can't go in there."

"Stop being a baby, Kuuya. I'm going to go find my friends."


"What!" This was probably the most annoyed Kuuya had ever heard Kazuna. They'd never fought that much. They actually got along with each other very well with just the occasional argument.

"Please go in there with me."

Kazuna rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room. She briefly introduced him to the teacher before pulling him over to where the other children were playing. His friends were no where in sight.

"Just go over and introduce yourself to people." Kuuya completely ignored his sister and just continued to stand there. "Honestly, Kuuya, where is this shyness coming from? You're never shy."

"I've never gone to school."

"How is it any different?"

"If they don't like me, I'm still going to be stuck with them every day for over ten years."

"That's stupid. You wouldn't have to talk to them. Besides, they'll like you." Kuuya didn't look convinced. Kazuna decided that she was going to have to do this herself otherwise she wouldn't get to class until she was forty. "Come on," she took her brother's hand and led him over to where a boy and girl were playing with some toys. The girl was obviously a water bender as she was attempting to use waterbending to play whatever game it was the two children were playing. Kazuna had no clue what they were doing. As the girl hadn't had any formal training yet, her attempts were admirable but not all that good.

"Hey guys. My name is Kazuna and this is my little brother Kuuya. He's going to be in your class. What are your names?"

The children looked up at Kazuna and Kuuya in wonder. "Are you Avatar Aang and Katara's kids?" asked the little girl. Kazuna nudged Kuuya's shoulder to get him to answer.

"Yeah," he said while nervously glancing around the room.

"My name is Machi," the little girl said, "This is Nozomu. Would you like to play with us?"

"Sure," Kuuya sat down next to the two other children. He was still slightly hesitant but was beginning to look more sure of himself.

"You're an airbender aren't you?" It was the first time Nozomu had spoken. Kuuya nodded his head. "That's so cool!"

Kazuna smiled as the three children began playing the game Machi and Nozomu had been playing before. She figured it was time for her to leave. She went off to finally find her friends. As she did, she reminisced about her first day of school, and how she'd met her friends very similar to how Kuuya had just met Machi and Nozomu. He'll be fine, she thought. More than fine.

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A:TNG One-shot: Beautiful and Scary

A/N: I feel like I need to say here kind of what I did over on because of a review I got.  This was written during my Spanish class.  We were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, so I decided to incorporate that into the story just because.  I know that Avatar is based on Asian cultures, but this story was really just written for fun.  I don't expect this to be taken seriously or anything.  I was just bored in class and writing a somewhat random story.

An A:TNG One-shot

Beautiful and Scary

"Wow," Kazuna stared in awe as the fireworks exploded around her. She'd never seen anything like them before. "They're so beautiful."

Kazuna's two year old brother Kuuya had his face buried in his mother's neck. The loud bangs terrified him. Not to mention you never knew when a little bit of the scary fire in the sky would make it to the ground.

It was May 5th and an important holiday in the Fire Nation. Kazuna's dad Aang had told her the story on their way to the Fire Nation town of Puebla. Just because the Fire Nation had been the last nation to attempt to conquer the world, it didn't mean they were the only nation to ever try. Five hundred years ago, the Earth Kingdom was making its way toward the Fire Nation capital in an attempt to conquer it. When they got to the fire Nation town of Puebla, a group of Fire Nation citizens, mainly civilians, were able to defeat them and keep them from advancing.

The story amazed Kazuna. She couldn't believe that the Fire Nation had won using things like pitchforks while the Earth Kingdom had expensive weapons. It was amazing how hard people will fight to defend their homeland.

Kazuna spotted her cousins laying on a blanket while watching the fireworks. "Happy Cinco de Mayo, guys."

"Happy Cinco de Mayo, Kazuna," Ichiko and Ikuo said in unison.

The name of the holiday meant May 5th in the ancient Fire Nation language. It had been spoken throughout the Fire Nation until about three hundred years ago when the four nations had agreed on a universal language. Today, most people knew very little of their nations' ancient languages. Kazuna thought that was a little sad actually.

"Aren't the fireworks amazing?" Kazuna asked as she laid down next to Ichiko. Her parents and brother had sat down by her aunt and uncle a few feet away.

"They're almost as amazing as I am," Ichiko joked. At least, Kazuna thought it was a joke. Ichiko probably did think she was more amazing then the fireworks.

"They're beautiful and scary at the same time," Ikuo said, "The colors are beautiful, but if something went wrong or they were used in the wrong way, they could be deadly. It's crazy that something could be both of those things at once." Wow, those were pretty profound words for a five year old. Ikuo was a lot smarter than he let on.

Ichiko and Kazuna mulled his words over as they watched the fireworks. "If you think about it," Aang spoke up. The adults had apparently been listening. "You could probably say the same about the Battle of Puebla. It was obviously deadly, horrible, and ugly because of all of the lives lost. At the same time, it was beautiful because the Fire Nation was able to keep it's freedom. It all depends on your point of view. A lot of the time something horrible can change into something beautiful, or something beautiful can also be deadly. If you think about it, even child birth is that way. It involves a lot of pain, but in the end you get a beautiful child."

"Ew, dad," Kazuna groaned. Her and the other children made faces. "Did you really have to bring that up? It's disgusting."

"Not to mention cheesy," Toph said while rolling her eyes, "You are way too soft, Twinkle Toes."

"I think it's sweet," Katara smiled before kissing Aang.

"Okay," Sokka said covering his eyes, "Now, that is disgusting." The children voiced their agreement. "How about I take you guys over to get some food? I'm starving."

Toph rolled her eyes again. "Isn't that a shock. I'll go with you. We can leave Twinkle Toes and Sugar Queen here to be lovey dovey alone."

"Best Cinco de Mayo ever?" Ichiko whispered to Kazuna on their way back to where they were staying later.

"Ichiko, it was the first one we've ever celebrated," Kazuna answered.

"So?" Ichiko asked.

Kazuna couldn't help but agree. "Next year will be even better," Kazuna said.

"I sure hope so. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Kazuna!" Ichiko ran off towards her room.

Kazuna yelled after her, "Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Ichiko!"

A:TNG One-shots: Biting

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An A:TNG One-shot


"Ichiko, it's time for your nap!" Toph yelled to her two year old daughter, "Ikuo's already asleep."

"Mom! I'm not tired!" Ichiko didn't want to leave Ai, Kazuna, and Ayame. They were in the middle of a very exciting game of tag.

Toph took her daughter's hand and began leading her inside. "It's a rule." Toph said, "You know that you have to take a nap every day."

"The others don't," Ichiko stubbornly said.

"Ai and Kazuna are older than you, and Ayame's parents set the rules for her."

"I'm not going!" Ichiko wrenched her hand out of her mother's and ran toward her friends.

"Ichiko," Ai spoke up, "You need to go with your mom."

"No," Ichiko was stubborn enough without going through the terrible twos. Toph was on her way back over already.

"It's no fair!" Ichiko screamed. Out of no where, she grabbed Ai, who was trying to push her towards Toph and bit her on the hand.

"She bit me!" Ai was in shock. It was even bleeding.

"You're coming with me now!" Toph grabbed a kicking and screaming Ichiko and carried her inside.

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Apologizing to Girls

A/N: This was written for nerdyclever's 100 Random Quotes Challenge. I was given three random quotes and had to incorporate them into my story. The quotes are in bold. I hope you enjoy it!

Apologizing to Girls

There's more to life than Quidditch!” Lily exclaimed as she stormed away from her boyfriend. Her red hair quickly disappeared up the staircase to the girl's dormitories.

James looked around at his three best friends, not quite sure what to say about what had just happened. In fact, he didn't even really understand what had happened. Sure, he might have forgotten about his three month anniversary with Lily because he got a little too excited about next week's Quidditch game, and he may have even scheduled a practice at the same time that he'd agreed to spend time with his girlfriend. They were playing against Slytherin for the cup next week though! This was the game of the year! She should understand that.

“You are in big trouble, mate,” Sirius shook his head in slight amusement at his best friend's dilemma.

“She can't be that mad. Can she?” he asked as he glanced at his of his friend's in turn.

“I don't know, Prongs,” Remus said as he looked up from his book, “She looked pretty pissed.”

James groaned and sunk down lower into the couch cushions, “Great. I don't know what to do. We've never gotten into a fight before.”

Sirius and Remus both snorted in amusement. It took Peter a few minutes to join in although he clearly didn't understand what was funny. “Are you sure about that, Prongs?” Sirius asked him as he laughed, “I seem to remember quite a lot of fights between you two.”

“That was different,” James replied, “That was before we were dating. There was no making up involved. I don't know how to apologize to a girl.”

“James,” Remus began, “You've had plenty of girlfriends. What did you do when you fought with them?”

“Um,” James looked around a little nervously, “Nothing. That's usually when the relationship ended.”

Remus just shook his head at his friend while Sirius continued to chuckle to himself.

“Well,” Remus said as he picked up his book again, “Unless you want your relationship with Lily to end the same way, you'd better figure out how to apologize to a girl soon.”

James glanced towards the staircase that Lily had stormed up. He could feel his nervousness growing. This would be interesting.


The next morning James made his way down to the great hall for breakfast with his friends like normal. What wasn't normal however (for the last three months at least), was the way a certain red-headed girl was giving him the evil eye from a little way down the table.

Why's she staring at me like that?” James muttered to his friends, “I'm frightened.

“Wow,” Sirius said as he leaned over a bit to get a better view of Lily from down the table, “She looks pissed. Good luck patching things up, Prongs.” He laughed a little, as if he was sure that no amount of good luck would save James from Lily's wrath.

“Why can't she just get over it,” James sighed, “So I made a mistake. It could have been something much worse.”

“You forgot about your anniversary though,” Remus explained, “Of course she's going to be mad. It was important to her. Just go apologize.”

“Are you kidding?” James asked in disbelief, “She looks like she's about to rip my head off.”

“She probably will if you don't apologize,” Remus said as he buttered his toast.

“If you're such an expert at this, Moony, why don't you have a girlfriend?” James asked in slight annoyance, but Remus just chose to ignore him. James glanced over at Lily a few times. She'd finally turned her glare from James to her food. James also noticed that she wasn't participating in her friends' conversation at all. He sighed as he realized that now was as good a time to do something as any.

“If you sense I'm in any serious danger,” James told his friends as he stood up from the table, “Please come rescue me.”

“Sure, Prongs,” Sirius smirked as James began to walk away, “We'd love to be your knights in shining armor.”

At first, Lily didn't notice him standing behind her. It wasn't until she realized that her friends had suddenly gotten quiet that she looked up to see her boyfriend standing over her.

“Lily, can we talk?” he asked with a nervousness in his voice she wasn't used to hearing.

She didn't quit glaring but nodded her head. She said good bye to her friends as she followed him into the hallway.

“Lily, please just listen to me,” James began quickly as soon as they were outside of the Great Hall. “I'm sorry that I forgot about our anniversary. It was stupid of me. I want to make it up to you though. How about we go on a picnic tomorrow, out by the lake. It'll be just the two of us. I'll make sure Sirius doesn't bother us.”

A small smile made it's way across Lily's lips, “That sounds perfect.”

James seemed shocked that Lily hadn't yelled at him even more. “You mean, you're not mad anymore?” he asked in disbelief.

Lily shook her head, “No, you apologized, and I can tell you mean it. Like you said, it was a stupid mistake. Just don't let it happen again.” She gave him a stern look at the last part.

James smiled at her, “Of course I won't.”

“Good,” Lily smiled as they each began to lean in for a kiss.

Before their lips touched, however, a voice rang out for the whole hall to hear, “I do not wear frilly knickers! Who told you that?

Lily and James both burst into laughter at the sound of Sirius' voice. After a moment, Lily had calmed down enough to ask, “What was that about?”

James smirked at her, “I may have said something to a few people the other day.”

“Of course you did,” Lily shook her head as she smiled. She took James' hand in her own and began to lead him back into the Great Hall where he would probably have to face a very irate Sirius.

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