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A:TNG One-shot: Beautiful and Scary

A/N: I feel like I need to say here kind of what I did over on because of a review I got.  This was written during my Spanish class.  We were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, so I decided to incorporate that into the story just because.  I know that Avatar is based on Asian cultures, but this story was really just written for fun.  I don't expect this to be taken seriously or anything.  I was just bored in class and writing a somewhat random story.

An A:TNG One-shot

Beautiful and Scary

"Wow," Kazuna stared in awe as the fireworks exploded around her. She'd never seen anything like them before. "They're so beautiful."

Kazuna's two year old brother Kuuya had his face buried in his mother's neck. The loud bangs terrified him. Not to mention you never knew when a little bit of the scary fire in the sky would make it to the ground.

It was May 5th and an important holiday in the Fire Nation. Kazuna's dad Aang had told her the story on their way to the Fire Nation town of Puebla. Just because the Fire Nation had been the last nation to attempt to conquer the world, it didn't mean they were the only nation to ever try. Five hundred years ago, the Earth Kingdom was making its way toward the Fire Nation capital in an attempt to conquer it. When they got to the fire Nation town of Puebla, a group of Fire Nation citizens, mainly civilians, were able to defeat them and keep them from advancing.

The story amazed Kazuna. She couldn't believe that the Fire Nation had won using things like pitchforks while the Earth Kingdom had expensive weapons. It was amazing how hard people will fight to defend their homeland.

Kazuna spotted her cousins laying on a blanket while watching the fireworks. "Happy Cinco de Mayo, guys."

"Happy Cinco de Mayo, Kazuna," Ichiko and Ikuo said in unison.

The name of the holiday meant May 5th in the ancient Fire Nation language. It had been spoken throughout the Fire Nation until about three hundred years ago when the four nations had agreed on a universal language. Today, most people knew very little of their nations' ancient languages. Kazuna thought that was a little sad actually.

"Aren't the fireworks amazing?" Kazuna asked as she laid down next to Ichiko. Her parents and brother had sat down by her aunt and uncle a few feet away.

"They're almost as amazing as I am," Ichiko joked. At least, Kazuna thought it was a joke. Ichiko probably did think she was more amazing then the fireworks.

"They're beautiful and scary at the same time," Ikuo said, "The colors are beautiful, but if something went wrong or they were used in the wrong way, they could be deadly. It's crazy that something could be both of those things at once." Wow, those were pretty profound words for a five year old. Ikuo was a lot smarter than he let on.

Ichiko and Kazuna mulled his words over as they watched the fireworks. "If you think about it," Aang spoke up. The adults had apparently been listening. "You could probably say the same about the Battle of Puebla. It was obviously deadly, horrible, and ugly because of all of the lives lost. At the same time, it was beautiful because the Fire Nation was able to keep it's freedom. It all depends on your point of view. A lot of the time something horrible can change into something beautiful, or something beautiful can also be deadly. If you think about it, even child birth is that way. It involves a lot of pain, but in the end you get a beautiful child."

"Ew, dad," Kazuna groaned. Her and the other children made faces. "Did you really have to bring that up? It's disgusting."

"Not to mention cheesy," Toph said while rolling her eyes, "You are way too soft, Twinkle Toes."

"I think it's sweet," Katara smiled before kissing Aang.

"Okay," Sokka said covering his eyes, "Now, that is disgusting." The children voiced their agreement. "How about I take you guys over to get some food? I'm starving."

Toph rolled her eyes again. "Isn't that a shock. I'll go with you. We can leave Twinkle Toes and Sugar Queen here to be lovey dovey alone."

"Best Cinco de Mayo ever?" Ichiko whispered to Kazuna on their way back to where they were staying later.

"Ichiko, it was the first one we've ever celebrated," Kazuna answered.

"So?" Ichiko asked.

Kazuna couldn't help but agree. "Next year will be even better," Kazuna said.

"I sure hope so. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Kazuna!" Ichiko ran off towards her room.

Kazuna yelled after her, "Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Ichiko!"

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