Sunday, January 9, 2011

A:TNG One-shots: Biting

A/N:  So, I kind of forgot that I still needed to post some of these here.  There are only two more to go!

An A:TNG One-shot


"Ichiko, it's time for your nap!" Toph yelled to her two year old daughter, "Ikuo's already asleep."

"Mom! I'm not tired!" Ichiko didn't want to leave Ai, Kazuna, and Ayame. They were in the middle of a very exciting game of tag.

Toph took her daughter's hand and began leading her inside. "It's a rule." Toph said, "You know that you have to take a nap every day."

"The others don't," Ichiko stubbornly said.

"Ai and Kazuna are older than you, and Ayame's parents set the rules for her."

"I'm not going!" Ichiko wrenched her hand out of her mother's and ran toward her friends.

"Ichiko," Ai spoke up, "You need to go with your mom."

"No," Ichiko was stubborn enough without going through the terrible twos. Toph was on her way back over already.

"It's no fair!" Ichiko screamed. Out of no where, she grabbed Ai, who was trying to push her towards Toph and bit her on the hand.

"She bit me!" Ai was in shock. It was even bleeding.

"You're coming with me now!" Toph grabbed a kicking and screaming Ichiko and carried her inside.

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