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An A:TNG One-shot: First Day

A/N: Hey look!  I finally posted the last one of these here!  I (yet again) forgot that I still needed to post this here.  This is the last one of these (for now at least).  I hope you enjoy it!

An Avatar: The Next Generation One-shot

First Day
"What if nobody likes me?"

"Of course people will like you, Kuuya," Katara told her son as she helped him get ready for his first day of school.

"I mean for a reason other than the fact that my dad's the Avatar."

Katara sternly looked her son in the eye. "That's not what I meant. They'll like you for you."

Kuuya was attending school with Kazuna at the Southern Water Tribe where the family lived during part of the year.

"Besides," Katara continued, "You already have some friends who will be in your class."

"What if they don't want to be seen with me at school?"

Katara smiled down at him. "That won't happen. I promise."

"Kuuya," Kazuna yelled from the other room, "Hurry up, or we're gonna be late!"

"Kazuna seems excited," Katara said after glancing toward the door that her daughter's voice had come through.

"Of course she is," Kuuya muttered while staring at the floor, "She's been to school before and has friends there."

Katara kissed the top of his head. "It'll all be fine."

They started walking towards the front room to find Kazuna standing halfway out the front door impatiently waiting for her brother.

"Finally!" she exclaimed upon seeing them.

"Are you turning into Ichiko?" Kuuya asked his sister with a worried look on his face.

"No," Kazuna rolled her eyes, "I want to go to school and see my friends."

Katara, now carrying Saki the youngest of the kids, said, "Calm down Kazuna. You'll have time."

Kazuna didn't pay any attention to her mother. She ran over, grabbed her brother's hand, and began dragging him out of the door. Both children yelled goodbye to Katara on their way out.

"I can't go in there."

"Stop being a baby, Kuuya. I'm going to go find my friends."


"What!" This was probably the most annoyed Kuuya had ever heard Kazuna. They'd never fought that much. They actually got along with each other very well with just the occasional argument.

"Please go in there with me."

Kazuna rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room. She briefly introduced him to the teacher before pulling him over to where the other children were playing. His friends were no where in sight.

"Just go over and introduce yourself to people." Kuuya completely ignored his sister and just continued to stand there. "Honestly, Kuuya, where is this shyness coming from? You're never shy."

"I've never gone to school."

"How is it any different?"

"If they don't like me, I'm still going to be stuck with them every day for over ten years."

"That's stupid. You wouldn't have to talk to them. Besides, they'll like you." Kuuya didn't look convinced. Kazuna decided that she was going to have to do this herself otherwise she wouldn't get to class until she was forty. "Come on," she took her brother's hand and led him over to where a boy and girl were playing with some toys. The girl was obviously a water bender as she was attempting to use waterbending to play whatever game it was the two children were playing. Kazuna had no clue what they were doing. As the girl hadn't had any formal training yet, her attempts were admirable but not all that good.

"Hey guys. My name is Kazuna and this is my little brother Kuuya. He's going to be in your class. What are your names?"

The children looked up at Kazuna and Kuuya in wonder. "Are you Avatar Aang and Katara's kids?" asked the little girl. Kazuna nudged Kuuya's shoulder to get him to answer.

"Yeah," he said while nervously glancing around the room.

"My name is Machi," the little girl said, "This is Nozomu. Would you like to play with us?"

"Sure," Kuuya sat down next to the two other children. He was still slightly hesitant but was beginning to look more sure of himself.

"You're an airbender aren't you?" It was the first time Nozomu had spoken. Kuuya nodded his head. "That's so cool!"

Kazuna smiled as the three children began playing the game Machi and Nozomu had been playing before. She figured it was time for her to leave. She went off to finally find her friends. As she did, she reminisced about her first day of school, and how she'd met her friends very similar to how Kuuya had just met Machi and Nozomu. He'll be fine, she thought. More than fine.

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