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A:TNG Chapter 3: Useless

Avatar: The Next Generation

Chapter 3: Useless

“We have bad news, sir,” a Fire Nation general was filling Zuko in on the news about the search for Azula. “We can't locate Azula. We've searched all over all four nations, even the Air Temples, and can't find a single clue as to where she may be.”

“Well, search harder,” Zuko ordered firmly. It had been two weeks since Azula escaped, and Zuko was getting more and more aggravated every day. “We're not going to give up until she's found.”

The general bowed and left.

“What are we going to do?” Zuko rubbed his eyes tiredly as he expressed his concern to the others.

They all just looked at the table. None of them knew the answer to that question.


I feel useless,” Ichiko complained to her friends. “I feel like we should be doing something. Not just sitting here talking.”

“What are we supposed to do?” Kazuna was always the most sensible one. “We're just kids. We're not even masters yet. We wouldn't be much help in a fight.”

“We may not be masters, but we are good at fighting,” Ichiko countered back. “We've been trained by some of the greatest benders and nonbenders in the world! I think we should help.”

“Our parents would never let us fight,” Ai reminded her. “They'd lock us up to make sure we couldn't do anything if we even suggested that to them.”

“That's why we don't tell them,” Ichiko smirked.

“You mean sneak around behind their back?” Ayame looked slightly confused. “That wouldn't work people would recognize us and tell them.”
“That's why we wouldn't come back. At least not until this is all over,” Ichiko noticed the other three's horrified expressions. “They'd find out, but they wouldn't be able to catch us.”

“Uncle Zuko's the Fire Lord, and my dad is the Avatar,” Kazuna reminded her. “I'm sure they could catch us.”

“We'll have to be careful then,” Ichiko looked thrilled with the idea.

“I don't like this idea,” Kazuna knew nothing she could say would change her best friend's mind, but she tried anyway.

“Come on,” Ichiko was running into the palace. “We have to figure out how we're going to do this!”


“I can not believe we're actually doing this!” Ai exclaimed in shock as the four girls sneaked through the palace grounds. “We're going to get caught, and then our parents will kill us!”

“Stop being so pessimistic!” Ayame scolded. “We'll be fine!”

“We're going to try and find my crazed, psychotic aunt, and you say everything is fine!”

“Will you two just shut up!” Ichiko snapped. “Someone will hear us if you're not quiet!”

“To late,” Kazuna pointed to a shadow in the darkness. A shadow that was walking toward them.

“Shit! Run!” Ichiko took off running as fast as her legs would carry her and the others followed.

“Wait!” They stopped when they recognized Ikuo's voice.

“Ikuo, what are you doing?” It was obvious that Ichiko was very pissed at her twin.

“Following you guys.”

“Well, not anymore. Go back,” Ichiko ordered him.

“Why should I? I'm just as old as you and you're going to fight Azula.”

“How do you know that's what we're doing?” Kazuna asked him. She didn't understand how Ikuo could possibly know what they were up to.

“Hajime and I were spying on you earlier.”

“What!?” If Ichiko has been mad before, it was nothing to how furious she was now. “You little rats!”

“Who are you calling little!? We're just as old as you are!”

“Will you two just shut up?” Ai rolled her eyes, “Siblings arguing is very annoying!”

“We want to come with you.”

“Um...Let me think...NO!” It was obvious that she did not want her brother or Hajime going with them.

“Why not? We're just as old as you, and we can both fight!”

“I don't see why they couldn't come with us,” Ayame said rationally, “They would both be a huge help fighting.

“Sure, and while we're at it let's just invite Yuuga to come along too!” Ichiko said sarcastically, “I mean, after all he's an airbender. Who cares if he's only a year old!”

“Come on Ichiko, you're being completely irrational.” Ai often had to step into these fights being the oldest.

Ichiko was silent for awhile. Eventually, looking like she was going to really regret it, she answered, “Fine. Go get your stuff. If you and Hajime aren't back here in 15 minutes, we'll leave without you. We're not getting caught just because of you two boneheads.”

Ikuo ran to get his things and Hajime. Ichiko rolled her eyes and laid down on the ground. All while grumbling to herself about “stupid siblings.”

The other three sat down next to her. They'd been sitting there for about ten minutes when a voice came from behind them.

“What are you four planning to do with all that stuff?”

They turned around and were horrified at who they saw.

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