Monday, October 18, 2010

A:TNG Chapter 1: Azula's Escape

Author's Note: Here's chapter one!  The beginning chapters are extremely short, but they'll get longer as the story progresses (just one of the improvements in my writing I think).  I hope you guys enjoy it!  It would also be great if you left a comment about the chapter and if you liked it or not!

Chapter One
Azula's Escape

It was just a normal day at the Southern Air Temple. Kazuna was practicing her waterbending outside when she saw a shape in the distance.

"Mom, dad's back!" she yelled running towards Appa as he began to land. Her brother Kuuya who had been practicing airbending next to her, was right behind her.

Kazuna's mom came from inside carrying the youngest with the five other children behind her.

Aang was attacked by seven children almost before he had gotten off of Appa. He hugged all of them, and then took Yuuga from Katara. He hugged and kissed his wife causing the youngest boys to make disgusted noises.

"I have some pretty bed news," Aang directed his words to Katara, but talked loud enough for the children to hear.

Kazuna got a bad feeling in her stomach. She hoped it did not have anything to do with prejudice against the Fire Nation again. Over the years people had become less prejudiced against the Fire Nation citizens, but every once in awhile something would happen. About a year ago, a Fire Nation nobleman had been murdered on his way to Ba Sing Se. That was the last Kazuna had heard of hostility against the Fire Nation. She hated to think about what it had been like right after the war ended. Her mother seemed to be thinking the same thing.

"Did some Earth Kingdom citizens threaten any Fire Nation citizens again?" Katara's voice was tainted with fear.

"Not quite," Aang fidgeted nervously, "Azula's escaped."

Katara and the children stared at Aang in shock. Kazuna remembered being told stories about Azula as a little girl. Granted, they were normally told by her Uncle Sokka which mean that he had probably bent the truth just a little to make himself look better. She still knew that there was enough truth to the stories that Azula was a very dangerous person. A very dangerous person whose dream was to become Fire Lord.

Kazuna suddenly became scared. Uncle Zuko, Aunt Mai, Ai, Akatsuki, and Akiyoshi were at the top of Azula's most hated list. Aunt Ty Lee and her father were probably pretty high on it too.

"What are you going to do?" Katara asked fearfully.

"We're going to the Fire Nation," Aang told her, "I stopped by Kiyoshi Island on my way home. Sokka, Toph, Suki, Kaimu, Haru, and Ty Lee are already on their way. Children, go pack your things. I don't know how long we'll be gone, so pack as much as you can."

Kazuna turned to go to her room. She was scared, sad and happy all at the same time. Happy that she would get to see her best friends and family. Sad because she was leaving home and did not know for how long, but fear was the biggest emotion she was feeling. Just what would Azula do?

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