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A:TNG Chapter 2: What's Going to Happen?

Avatar: The Next Generation

Chapter 2: What's Going to Happen?

It was a long flight to the Fire Nation from the Southern Air Temple. Kazuna loved flying. She had always wished she had been born an airbender just so she could get a glider just like her dad's, but it was hard to enjoy when you were worried about a psychotic killer coming after you and your family and friends.

Eventually, they were landing in front of the Fire Nation Palace.

The Royal Family was waiting for them. Kazuna and her best friends, Ichiko and Ayame (who they had picked up at Kiyoshi Island), jumped off of Appa and ran to Ai. The four of them hugged. It had been a few months since they had all four been together.

"Remember, we're having dinner together at five o'clock!" Zuko yelled after the children as they ran off to play and catch up with each other.

"So, Ayame," Ai started suggestively as they walked to the turtle-duck pond, "How's your latest boyfriends?"

Ayame had a new boyfriend every couple of days. She was known as the biggest flirt on Kiyoshi Island.

"We broke up," Ayame answered, sounding genuinely sad, "I don't know how long we'll be here, and long-distance relationships just don't work. Who knows, maybe I'll meet a cute Fire Nation boy!" She cheered up as she said the last part. The others just rolled their eyes. They were used to Ayame's behavior. Although she was the youngest, Ayame had had more boyfriends then any of them.

Actually, neither Kazuna nor Ai had never had a boyfriend. Being the daughters of the Avatar and the Fire Lord generally intimidated most guys. It did not help that where Kazuna lived didn't exactly have a lot of guys unless you wanted to date your dad or brother!

"I'm sure you'll meet one soon," Ichiko rolled her eyes. She was normally the most annoyed with Ayame's behavior because she spent the most time with her.

When they got to the pond they sat down on the edge. "So, what's been going on here?" Kazuna asked curiously, "Other than Azula escaping I mean."

"Not much," Ai told them in a bored tone, "Another guy asked my dad for permission to marry me."

Just because she had never had a boyfriend , did not mean that plenty of guys had not tried to marry her. It annoyed her greatly. She had told her father she refused to marry someone she did not love and Zuko agreed with her.

"What's the story behind this one?" Ichiko asked.

"We met at some ball thing," Ai sounded disgusted as she told the story, "He said I was the hottest girl there, and I stomped on his foot. He told my father he thought we'd had a connection." We laughed.

"Well, this certainly sounds like a smart guy," Kazuna managed to get out while still laughing.

"I haven't even told you the best part," Ai struggled to hold back laughter, "He's eight!"

"Eight!" Ichiko exclaimed as they began to laugh even harder.

"Did Uncle Zuko even take him seriously?" Ayame asked.

"When he came to tell me, he just looked shocked!" Ai laughed even harder as she remembered her father's face.

By this time, they were all laying on the ground unable to sit up, they were laughing so hard.


"I've ordered them to report anything they find as soon as possible," They were eating dinner together, and Zuko was telling Aang and the other adults all the information they had learned about Azula. It was not much.

"No one's been able to find anything," Zuko said incredulously, "I'm surprised. Azula's never had to sneak around before, but she's amazingly good at it."

"Well, there was that one time we disguised ourselves as Kiyoshi Warriors," Mai put in.

"That wasn't so much sneaking as pretending," Ty Lee contemplated.

"The whole Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, and Water Tribes militaries are searching for her," Sokka said hopefully, "They've got to find something soon."

"Once they find out where she is, we have to capture her," Aang reminded them. It was obvious to everyone that he was worried. Katara wrapped an arm around his waist in an attempt to comfort him.

"Hopefully, that won't take long," Katara said.

"So, what's for dessert?" Sokka asked trying to lighten the mood.


"I'm scared," Ayame admitted later that night when she, Ichiko, Kazuna, and Ai had all gathered in Ai's room.

"We all are," Kazuna consoled her.

With the palace being as large as it was, Kazuna, Ichiko, and Ayame had all been given their own rooms, but they preferred to have a slumber party in Ai's room. Of course, with the situation what it was, it was not really a party exactly.

"I just hope they catch her soon," Ai drew her knees up to her chest and hugged them.

"You're all just a bunch of cry babies!" Ichiko rolled her eyes. She always tried to act tough, but the others knew she was just as scared as they were.

"Excuse me for being scared that my crazy aunt is going to kill me or someone I love," Ai snapped at Ichiko.

"Look," Kazuna told the others calmly, "We're all just a little stressed out. Let's go to bed and worry about it tomorrow."

They all layed down, but it took them a while to actually fall asleep. Even then, it was a restless sleep. Each one of them had nightmares of Azula that night.

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