Saturday, December 11, 2010

A:TNG One-shots and Drabbles: Aang's Return Home

Author's Note: I just remembered that I never posted these here.  I have eight one-shots/drabbles that take place in the same universe as A:TNG.  I'll be posting those here over the next several days.  They're all very short.

Avatar: The Next Generation One-Shots/Drabbles
Aang's Return Home

"Daddy!" A two-year old Kazuna ran towards her father. He'd been away on "Avatar business" for the past week.

Aang lifted Kazuna in the air and hugged her as Katara came out from the kitchen. Aang's smile became even bigger, and Katara's smile lit up her face.

"Aang," Katara ran to her husband. They hugged with Kazuna between them. The group hug lasted for quite a while. Aang and Katara finally pulled apart slightly and kissed.

"Ew!" Kazuna voiced from between them. "If you're going to do that, put me down first."

Aang and Katara laughed as Aang sat Kazuna on the floor where she proceeded to play with her toys.

Aang and Katara turned back towards each other.

"I love you." Aang told Katara, pulling her in for another kiss.

"I love you too." Katara answered just before her lips touched Aang's.

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