Sunday, December 26, 2010

A:TNG One-shot: Crushes

Avatar: The Next Generation One-shot


It was a bright, sunny day on Kiyoshi Island. The perfect day for four little girls to go for a walk all by themselves. The freedom of going places without their parents was still relatively new, and they quite enjoyed being able to talk about things in the nice outdoors without their parents and siblings around.

"He is so cute!" Ayame was the youngest of the girls at six (although Ichiko was only a month older). She was already boy crazy, a trait inherited from her mother, Ty Lee, and she was gushing about her latest crush.

"Boys aren't cute." Ichiko was still in the "boys-have-cuties" stage. "Boys are dumb and stupid."

Ai, the oldest at ten, decided that now was the time for her revelation. "A boy asked me out, and I said yes." She expected them to be shocked, but she wasn't expecting Ichiko's shock to become laughter. It caused Ai even greater embarrassment, and she blushed.

Nine year old Kazuna hit Ichiko for her tactlessness. How mean of her to make fun of Ai! This was a huge deal for her. "That's awesome Ai!" Kazuna assured the princess. "I can't believe that one of us has a boyfriend now."

"Hopefully, she's the only one for a long, long time." Could Ichiko not let it go?

"He's really nice, Ichiko." Ai defended herself. "Just wait until you get a boyfriend."

"Not gonna happen." Ichiko sounded very proud of herself. "I'm never going to go all stupid for an idiot."

Ai smirked, "Just wait and see, Ichiko. Just wait and see."

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